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Elite Icons for your Iconning pleasure!

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Hi This is your friendly neighborhood moderator- I've been MIA for... about a year. Yea. I appologize to everyone! So I'm back and I'm going to start making this into what it was when I took over.

So here's the deal- Rules are flexible right now- I'll be posting to try to get some member imput on what you want this to be, but when the rules are set I WILL be moderating so keep watching. If you're a community member and you have opinions POST THEM! Comment and such.

The Rules (So Far)
1. No Flaming- its rude so just don't do it. If you have constructive criticism go for it- but no flames.
2. Don't steal- this includes linking and also taking someone's icons and claiming they are yours- be creative and make this yourself.
3. Keep your posts on topic- this is an icon community- keep it on icons.

If you need me imediately you can comment on my regular journal- faeriewoman or instant message me on MSN at disneystage@hotmail.com